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Gateway to China..

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2001 was a magical yr for the Chinese bcos they won their 2008 Olympic bid.. It was a landslide victory for them. And they got a very big opportunity to stun the whole world..

The planned date for Olympics is august 2008.. Thats wen all the roads will lead to Beijing.. All ships to the Chinese waters and all air traffic to the Chinese skies..

Are they ready to tackle the millions who are goin to arrive.. Not to mention the VIP’s all over the world????

The National airport in China was built expectin to tackle 38million passengers a year.. But they currently handle 45 million now.. With the Olympics they cant manage all tourists.. its impossible.. So thats wen they decided to built a new airport on the outskirts of Beijing..

The largest the Chinese have seen or rather the world has ever seen..

Engineers from all over the world were invited to design.. The winner was Mr. Foster who designed the Nero bridge in France.. He won the bid in april 2003 having made a design resembling Chinese culture, a Dragon..

Bird's eye of the airport at night

4yrs to bring it to life with 2.8 billion dollars.. This airport will be 60% more bigger than the Hong Kong airport and has to be built in 2yrs less time.. 4yrs is no time compared to a project of this magnitude..

They have money, they have man power, they have commitment but no time to make it happen.. Even with 100% commitment and non stop work for 4yrs cant make any good.. U cant say how situations can change in the next 4yrs considering the fact that airport was planned in earthquake prone zone.. And so they set out on a mission impossible.

Giant construction hav giant problems.. The dragon airport was no different..

Work was planned to start in april 2004.. Before that the airport land must be cleared free from hassles.. The authorities were in for a shock as the land turned out to be a buzzing community with a population of 10,000. An enormous task of relocating people lay in the hands of Ms. Zhu Jingyuan. She was jus able to relocate all people on march 28. and thus a major obstacle was overcome only to be followed by more and more..

A work force of 50,000 was brought to the site, which was named T3. they planned to build two huge terminals named T3A, T3B.. Mr. Martin Manning was the head of the Building group.

On april 2004, around 100 escalators, 217 pile drivers were assigned the job of placing 20,000 steel pipes.. As the area was quake prone they have to make separate arrangements to prevent it from breaking. So connecting pipes were used with specially designed joints, which took 4 months, that will move thereby to endure the impact.

Inside the lounge

Also another big problem is that China is a country of extreme temperatures.. So the metals have tendency to expand or shrink.. This will bend the shape of the pipes.. So thermal expansions were placed..

If T3 is the dragon then its life depends on the baggage system. Imagine if 20,000 bags need to be scanned per hour!!!! They pumped in 250 million dollars to design a 4 storey baggage system using 68 km of conveyor belt.. The probability of a bag having a bomb is 1 in a billion.. Safety was always the first preference and so to avoid any baggages having any bombs special x-ray machines were installed which need to be checked at lightning speed(600 bags per min).. A new problem arose on the later stages regarding the transport of luggages from T3A to T3B.. The two buildings are 2kms apart.. And so conveyor belts were designed to whisk luggages at 40km/hr..

The last Olympics flopped terribly bcos the transport facilities couldnt be fnshd bcos of lack of funds.. The Chinese dint want any such embarrassments and so designed a giant glass station with a 800 m overhang to welcome the tourists with a bang..

The main airport was nearing completion with 361 sky lights being installed on the roofs so as to get sun light into the building and also to bring a dragon look on aerial view.. Two eyes are not enough to see the ends of the airport..

2yrs after starting the project suddenly they felt it was not enough and they started to build T3C between the other two terminals.. It was no minor add on as it was built on 80,000 sq.m with 80,000 cu.m of concrete in 23 months time!!!!!

The red connection:Communism

This 7 storey airport is almost complete with 175 escalators, 435 travellers, 445 elevators and can handle 82 million passengers a calendar year!!!

This is the gateway to 21st century metropolis with glass walls gleaming as far as the eye can see!!!

Its very much above Beijing…

Olympics is going to start on 8th August 08 at 08 hrs 08 min 08 sec!!!!

(India is jumping to hoist an Olympics.. If they want to make it happen they need to learn a lot from China. China was half ready even before Athens hoisted the Olympics in 2004)

[The numbers may look staggering but they are all accurate.. I saw a program on Beijing airport in Discovery channel and took the numbers.. So its authenticity is guranteed]

Why Obama shouldn’t have Hillary as Vice president

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Obama for President

10. Bill Clinton calling you ‘the new guy.

9. She will be looking for dirt to use against you in 2012.

8. Drops your ‘likability’ score to sub-zero.

7. Pink drapes in the Lincoln bedroom.

6. Bill chasing co-eds around the Whitehouse at all hours.

5. The secret service code name for you will be ‘whipped.’

4. You call this ‘change?’

3. Your administration’s documents will have a tendency to ‘disappear.’

2. She will wear all of your clothes.

1. You will have to have an Official Whitehouse Food Taster.

A moment to regret…

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Money was flying everywhere but no one was there to take it.. Why wat hpnd???

More than a 100 children were born in car park.. Why, what were the hospitals doing??

A 5yr old kid salutes a soldier with his right hand, when his left hand was profusely bleeding.. Why did he do so when his own life was at peril???

A beggar who earns jus 5 yuans(currency) a day, suddenly earns 100 yuans and immeditely goes to a bank and converts it into a single renminbi(currency) note.. Why could he not wait???

On a place were technology is at its highest, people walked for 21hrs to cover a few kms.. Why wat was the problem actually there?

A mother, who has jus given birth to a beautiful girl, saves a message in her cell “If ur alive jus remember that ur Mommy always loves you”.. Why was she so afraid???

Blood banks could not accomodate ppl coming to donate their blood.. Hey wait, is there somethin seriously wrong????????

Hmmm.. Well it was..

A boy being removed form the rubbles

Monday, May 12, 2008, started as a fresh new day of the week for “Chin Chui” in China.. He had so many plans for the week ahead and was very optimistic abt it.. He was happily playing with his friends when the earth shook.. It was common in that part of the region and he went to hide under the roof, thinking that the sky is goin to fall.. The tremors dint stop for a while and in a few sec the streets were flooded with millions of ppl and there was total pandemonium. Chin Chui was scared to come out although he was advised by his parents that he should not stand under roofs when he feels the earth shaking. He never obeyed his parents, so he dint care much abt this too.. He was happy to hide.. That was when the roof crashed and the total weight landed on his left hand which sadly happened to be his writing hand.. He cried in excruciating pain.. he was shouting at the top of his voice but barely heard by the people as the sound was larger outside. In a few seconds everything was over and in a few hours the emergency crew began to pull up the rubbles.. Chin Chui was lying unconscious and he was pulled out for oxygen.. He lost his left hand and except for a few scratches, he was safe.. He was left out in the open to search for his parents.. Jus as everybody else..

He cried and roamed when he found an Army man who had come to help people there. He had always a huge respect for the Army and made a royal salute to the soldier, who returned the same with smile and tears..

Similar was the case with “Ju Chavo”, a beggar who immediately went to a bank to change the 100 yuans to a single note.. He dint want the “monetary fund” to delay in counting his money when many lives required immediate attention.

The mother who just gave birth was breast feeding her kid for the first time.. hmmm rather for one last time.. She conveyed her msg to her kid in a cell phone and died before being admitted to a hospital.

These gory scenes were the order of the day when a terror quake measuring 7.9 on the richter scale struck Sichuan Province, South-West China.. About 69,500 ppl lost their lives and 21,000 have gone missing..

The search for life still continues.. Hope is still there

Any guesses??

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any idea what it is???

What does this look like???

This is a picture of a highway at night… cool!!!!

Changing tools that work…

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You would have tried many things in ur life.. some really good things and some bad ones too.. some might hav clicked while others might have came straight back at your face..

Instead of thinkin so intricatley about ur life, rather try to make it simple. like making another person smile, or breakin rules and having fun or lying on ur mother’s lap.. in short do things u love to do.. one of which can be a “vision board” too.. it will make a diffrence to you for sure!!!

A Vision board is a collage of images of all the things you would like to have or of what you would like to be. You can make a vision board out of card stock paper or you can make one on your computer and print it out.

A simple Vision Board

A personal vision board is a very effective way to apply the Law of Attraction. By focusing on your goals and desires on a continuous basis you are feeding your subconscious mind with the goals you want to achieve. It is like you are building your own catalogue with orders you are placing at the Universe. When you look at your vision board imagine that you have already achieved or received it. Pay attention to how it makes you feel and really dwell on it.

When you create a vision board take the time to think about what you really want to manifest into your life. What is important to you? What would you like to achieve in your life? What makes you really happy? This can be related to all aspects of life; relationships, health, spirituality, family, wealth, etc. Make a list of all your goals and dreams.

After you have made a list with your goals and dreams, think about how you can translate these goals and dreams into images. Do you have pictures of your own or have you seen images you would like to use.

Examples of images for your vision board are:

  • If you want to live in a certain house – Images of your dream house
  • If you would like to change your weight – Images of a body you like to have with your face glued on it
  • If you would like to spend more time with your family – Images of you with your family in a happy moment
  • If you would like to be wealthy – Images of your bank account statement and the amount of money you would like to have in your account

When you just start with your vision board, try to only focus on your main goals. This way you will not loose sight of what is the most important to you.

Simple idea to make it look better

Place your vision board in a prominent place in your house; somewhere where you will see it on a very regular basis. The more exposure you have to your vision board, the better it is. You might even make multiple boards at different places in your house, work, etc.

Once you have achieved a goal you can update your vision board.

Go for it!!! afterall, its only a stepping stone for ur success!!!

My first day at the library… A tragic experience

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It was a flat footed Sunday. Semester exam was a month away, but I’m not as studious as my roomies are. They were preparing as if exams were commencing next day. God!!! How am I going to fill the day. Then I got an idea- to meet my friend at his place, and started from hostel. On the way I saw my college library building. Well, this place I haven’t visited in my life time right from day one. Suddenly some force pulled me towards the building. Immediately I dropped my plan and started walking towards library, like a debutant entering the ground. Generally I have an aversion towards reading and also for library. The sight of books make me feel sick, especially the smell from old books disgust me like anything. So I seldom visit this place. It was my first day at the library. I have heard a lot about my college library. About the vast collection of books, digital library, language library, media section and etc etc. but never once thought of visiting them.

Our library building is the quintessence of good architecture. It will attract anyone towards it just because of its splendid look.But there are exceptions like me.

The entrance has two big glass doors just like an IT company. I was shoving it with all my might, but the door dint open. Suddenly I heard some dire words and immediately I turned back. A security came running towards me, and at that moment I realised that he was scolding me in that filthy language. I got annoyed and rebuked him with even worse language showing my command in vocabulary.

He asked me “ what the hell are you doing? ” I replied him “ am trying to open the door”. The immediate question he asked me “ are you fresher?”. I told “ yeah fresher to library, but doing my 2nd yr mechanical ”. I could understand from his horrible look as to how worse my situation was.

So many rack of books but none to read

He asked me for my ID card. Then I learnt that the card should be swiped in the slot to open the door. Shit!!! It was really an embarrassing situation. Doing my second year and dint now how to enter into the library. It was a bad experience on my first day at the library. I even thought of going back to hostel, as I’m bit superstitious. But daringly kept my right foot in.( right foot is auspicious to enter when you are new to a place. I have seen many movies where the bride will keep her right foot first) wow.. Cool fully air-conditioned building. Such a cool place in my college. Unbelievable. I entered the reference section. I dint expect our library will have such a vast collection of books. The racks were neatly arranged. It was like a mystery maze. I moved towards the corner rack.

I was gazing at the books when my friend entered and took one book from that corner rack. I asked him “ hey dude what are doing here. You are an electrical student and taking book from biology section. What’s up?” . he replied me with a smile “ life is a mystery and you have to learn lots about it.” I couldn’t grasp immediately what he told and started looking at the books there. Oh my goodness. Ah. all my favourite books. (I used to search a lot about these topics in internet to enrich my knowledge. These books really help you after your marriage. No one will teach you these topics. Its in our hands to work hard and collect information in these topics.) My interest made me remove all the books from and the rack. I was searching for the best one, the one with illustrations for easy understanding.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I dint even care to notice who it was as I was totally involved in my work. After few minutes I turned back to see it was. Oh god. It was the librarian. The next moment I was chucked out. I felt the security was far better than librarian, his vocabulary was some what decent than the librarian. My second obstacle. Even then I was not thwarted. I moved to first floor, the digital library section. Wow amazing, there was nearly a dozen plasma television and people watching movies in it. I was surprised to see college students watching old black and white movies, moving frame by frame like documentary movies. I thought they may have the worst taste of enjoying. A plasma tv and people watching black and white movies in them. Holy shit. I took the dvd which I was to return it to my friend. I felt proud about my college at that moment. Providing best sofa, air conditioned room and plasma tv just to while away boring Sundays. Wow really a nice initiative. I loaded my dvd

And started watching the movie. I was laughing like anything watching American pie and people around me showing hush…. Suddenly some one came running and switched of my tv. I was annoyed and shouted at him. He just pointed towards someone standing at the counter. I met the man at counter and started shouting. His only reply was “get out..”. I dint understand why. Then he pointed towards one notice board. From that I realised that digital library was a kind of movie lending library. They have good collection of documentaries and social movies which are supposed to be watched there and not the movies which we like. My third obstacle. I was totally vexed. My first day at library was full of embarrassing moments. I came out immediately and took oath , never to visit this building in the coming years. It was my first and last visit to library,. A real f…… experience.